February 2020 Missions Letter

Special Services in Summer

We completed our vacation Bible School in January and had a great attendance! It was encouraging to see members of our church teaching and guiding the classes, many of them for the very first time! We also had our special Vision Service where we unveiled the theme for the year, shared goals for this year, handed out the calendars with the events for the year, and much more. It was an incredible service that set the tone for the coming months!

We continue the summer with 3 special fellowships apart from our normal services. We will be have a men’s fellowship, and women’s fellowship, and a special marriage fellowship. These fellowships are scattered across the month. Each of the three have brought people who are not attending our church in the past. 

We have a young man who is now working at the church during the week. He is one of two men who are in our seminary and are serving in the church. Both young men are growing and we look forward to see how God continues to use them. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. God is at work in our ministry. 

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our women’s fellowship on February 01.
  • Pray for our marriage fellowship on February 15.
  • Pray for our men’s fellowship on February 29
  • Pray for our special “return to school” service on February 28.

Quick Update: The Last VBS Service

Tomorrow we will hold our last Vacation Bible School service. We were able to review the last lesson with the teacher last night before our midweek service. It is encouraging to see the teachers excited to teach God’s Word to their classes! We are praying to see people saved! Sunday we will have a special fellowship after the evening service. These times are something the church looks forward to!

Prayer Request

  • I met a man named Omar. He and I spoke for some time about Jesus, the Christian life, and a few other things. He lives about 10 blocks from the church. I invited him and hope to see him soon! Pray with me that we have another opportunity to talk.
  • I was in the home of Leonardo and Alejandra this week. It was the first time I have met them. We were able to talk about Jesus, salvation, and the church. Leonardo may be saved, I am not sure, but based on the conversation I don’t believe Alejandra is. They have a daughter, Shaila, who is 6 years old. She is supposed to come to our VBS service and they all are supposed to come to one of the services on Sunday. Pray for this family.

Quick Update: Training Men

Today we had our Vacation Bible School. The kids are learning more about the Gospel. Next Saturday will be the final day of VBS. Pray with us that God works in the heart of each child. Tomorrow will be another special day in our church. One of the guys who are training for the ministry will be teaching the verse of the week. We have practiced it several times. I am excited for him. He has done it a couple of times before and I think he is improving! The other young man who is training will be teaching “the three”, an emphasis on a county in the southern zone of Buenos Aires, a province (or a state) in Argentina, and a country in the world. We do this each service to focus on the need around us, around Argentina, and around the world. Both men are serving in the church as they train for the ministry!

We are looking forward to another great day at Faith Baptist Church!

Quick Update: The Start of our Focus Theme

Last week we had our first Vacation Bible School service and we were excited to see a good attendance. It was also exciting to see the members of our young church get involved teaching lessons and Bible verses! Tomorrow we will have our second service. Pray with us as we continue to teach biblical salvation to these kids and youth.

We had our Vision Sunday last week. We unveiled our theme for 2020, “focus”. We will be putting our focus on important things this year like Jesus, marriage, family, spiritual growth and several other themes. This Sunday will be the start of our focus theme. We will be focusing on starting the year right. We are praying for a great year. We believe God is at work. Thank you for praying for us.