Quick Update: Starting a New Series

We are so thankful to be serving Jesus in Argentina. This weekend will start tonight with our youth meeting. The youth group is growing and we are thankful to see how God is working in this ministry. Tomorrow after visitation we will hold an English class. At the end of the class I will be presenting the gospel through explaining Romans 6:23. Pray that God uses His Word in the hearts of those in the class. This Sunday we will be starting a new series on getting plugged into the ministry. Also before the evening service I will start a new discipleship with a young man who has been attending the church. We will end the weekend with a fellowship after the evening service to celebrate the birthdays from last month!

God is at work, pray with us that He continues to build His church.

April 2019 Missions Letter

Largest Attendance and Preparing for Easter

In March we had our annual “Levi’s Banquet”. This was a big service for many reasons. For one, it was the first time we had a Sunday service in our auditorium, but what made it such a special day is that we had the largest attendance we have ever had in the history of the church. We had 54 in the service and before the end of the fellowship we had 62! We also started a new round of English clases where we had over 40 people in the first class! This is an opportunity to share the gospel with some who might never enter the church normally. We also had our first “Argentine led service” while I was in Santiago, Chile preaching in a conference. Two Argentines led the service while missionary Jason King preached. It was a very important day for Faith Baptist Church!

This month we have our special Easter weekend which will actually start with special services on Thursday and Friday. We will cap the weekend off with our Easter service. Pray with us that we will see people saved and that we will have visitors from the English classes we are hosting. 

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


  • Pray that we are able to make and finish all repairs in our new building very soon.
  • Pray for our Easter services.
  • Pray for the English classes, that God uses them to save those that are lost who attend.
  • Pray for Faith Baptist Church as we transition in our new building.

Tyler Ellis Internship

We will have a missionary intern coming to serve here for 6 months. Tyler Ellis is currently raising support for this missionary internship. He is worthy of support and will be learning and serving during his internship. Please pray with us that God will raise his support before arriving in June. For more information, go to www.christianunit.com. 

Quick Update: In Santiago, Chile

I am in Santiago, Chile this weekend preaching a conference and will be in 3 churches tomorrow with the opportunity to preach. While I am here in Chile, our church has had great days! Thursday the youth had a special service. There were 9 youth in the service (which for us is a big number). We had an English class this morning after visitation, where there were 31 present. Each student was given an invitation to the church! Please pray God works in each heart. 

Tomorrow morning the church service will be led by two Argentine young men who attend the church and missionary Jason King will be preaching. Pray with me that God works in the service in my absence. 

Quick Update: A Birthday and a Banquet

This Sunday is a huge day for our church. We have our annual “Levi’s Banquet”. This year we will have sausage sandwiches (something very Argentine) and Hamburgers after the morning service. We have passed out over 2000 invitations and are hoping to have several visitors. Please pray that God will work in each heart present!

This Tuesday we will also start a new round of English classes. We have had many people interested and in each class we will share a part of the Gospel. Pray for this outreach that we will also see people saved!

Today was our second oldest daughter’s 10th birthday! We had a wonderful day celebrating the sweet little girl God has given us! We are very thankful for Piper’s sweet testimony, her tender heart, her love for others, and her love and devotion to God.