August 2020 Missions Letter

A Continued Quarantine and a Stronger Ministry

The quarantine continues and so does the ministry. God is at work and we are so blessed to see it! At the end of June the president of Argentina announced a stricter quarantine for Buenos Aires, where we live. We had permission to go to the church to pray with individuals, but not to have any sort of service. Unfortunately, we lost our permission at the beginning of July, but a few weeks later, the governor started a less strict phase of the quarantine, so hopefully we will be able to do more soon! The Wednesday prayer time at the church had to stop, but this has not stop God from working. I share with you two stories. 

A young lady in our church has been growing by leaps and bounds. She is reading through the Bible for the first time. In July she let us know that she was able to witness to her uncle for the first time. We have taught something we call “the hand”, which include 5 Bible verses that teach  how to be saved. She was so excited to be able to share her faith!

Matías and Brian are training for the ministry. Despite the quarantine they are studying and preaching in some capacity three times per week. It is a joy to see the growth these two young men are experiencing. God is at work, even during this quarantine. We don’t know when this will end, but either way we believe God will continue to bless all that is going on. 

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry

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