Memorize Bible Verses: Helping Others

Why memorize Bible verses? That has been the subject of the past few posts. This post comes from a different angle. Up to this point it has been all the individual’s personal walk with Jesus. Now we are going to look at how memorizing Bible verses will help you as a believer help others.

Have you ever been discouraged? You are not the only one. Have you ever lost your job, received bad news from the doctor, had marital problems, dealt with a rebellious child, or lost a loved one? All of these things are part of life. There is no getting past it. When co-workers, family, neighbors, and friends are going through these times, there is nothing quite like having a follower of Jesus in their lives to share a verse from the Bible to encourage them. The Bible is powerful and has a way of touching a heart like nothing else. We can use the Bible to encourage, challenge, give insight, guide, and comfort others.

Lets attempt to use the Bible, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of those around us. The world cannot offer what God offers through His Word. Read the Bible, learn the Bible, memorize verses from the Bible, use the Bible in your life, and use the Bible to help others.

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