Quick Update: God at Work

The President of Argentina announced yesterday that those around Buenos Aires will be enteringĀ a more flexible phase of the quarantine. This will eventually allow us to start our Wednesday afternoon prayer gatherings with some of the youth! Argentina is a big country and some areasĀ of the country have more freedom from the quarantine than others. We are in the most populous area of the country, and because of that, the quarantine has been more severe. The great news is that it looks like we are starting the process of going back to “normal” (which will be a long process). Obviously all of this can change, but we are very thankful for this next step.

Although we are in quarantine, we are still able to serve, help those in the church grow spiritually, continue to train young men for the ministry, and preach the Bible. Each week we have 3 virtual online services, 2 Bible College classes (for the two young men training), our youth meeting, and very soon we will start back our Wednesday afternoon prayer gathering.

Pray for each of these opportunities, that God is glorified and that the church continues to grow.

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