Quick Update: Quarantined and Serving Jesus

Today is day 71 in quarantine. What was supposed to be 2 weeks has turned into much longer, and I don’t know when it will end. The latest extension is due to expire on June 07, but I fully expect it to be extended for another two weeks. The news is reporting that South America has become the epicenter for COVID-19. Although we are quarantined, we are still serving. We have 4 online services per week, one of which is a youth service. Two of the young men training for the ministry are involved in every service, preaching the Bible and sharing the need around the world. We have also added a fifth opportunity to have a “physical meeting”. Although we are not permitted to meet together, I am allowed to meet with those who need counsel and prayer. Because of this, on Wednesday afternoons, I am at the church meeting with some of the youth. We have a time to share what we are reading in the Bible, a time for personal counseling, a time where I share a few Bible verses to encourage them, and a time of prayer to close out the meeting. It is not a church service, and only the youth are invited as for now.

I don’t know when this will all end, but we are trusting God. ¬†We are working in the ministry, trying creative ways to serve our brothers and sisters in the church, and reaching out to those in the community (via online services). Thank you for praying for us.

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