Quick Update: Radio Spots

Today I go to a local radio station to record 10 different radio spots. These spots are 1-2 minute devotionals that will be aired every hour from 10am – 7pm every day for a month. This is an opportunity to share truths from God’s Word and invite those who listen to visit Faith Baptist Church. Please pray with me that God will use the short devotionals to touch the hearts of those who listen that they might come to the church and be saved! We record today and they will be on the air starting tomorrow. The radio station is well known and listened to in the area. It is a secular radio station. We are praying God uses this for His glory!

I also look forward to the opportunity of preaching this Sunday. We are and will be inviting many to the services. As it has been for our infant church, we will be taking these opportunities to explain salvation! It is an honor to serve the Living God!

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