September 2018 Missions Letter

Child Dedication & English Classes

In August, we started hosting free English classes. We have had a great turn out for this. We have had three families visit the church thus far as a result of the classes. One lady named Janet who visited the church came to me and asked me to explain what “salvation” was to her and her family. We are trying to coordinate a day when we can go to their home and talk about salvation in detail with her and her family. Please pray for their salvation. We also had our child dedication service and had two visiting families. Seven children were dedicated to the Lord in that service!

This month we have a “family photo day”. Everyone who attends will have a professional photo taken of their family and receive a copy of the photo for free. Please pray this attracts many people to the church to learn about the gospel. 

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry


  • Pray for Janet and her family that they will believe on Jesus for their salvation this month.
  • Pray for the free English classes, that people will be saved through them. Classes will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • Pray for our special family photo day on September 23. 
  • Pray for the discipleship efforts going on in the church with three people. 


Our Newest Team Members

In July, Robert and Emma Becker completed a six month internship with us in Argentina. They studied, learned, served, and on the mission field. They are now on deputation to come back to Argentina as church planting missionaries. They are scheduling meetings now. If you are interested in having Robert and Emma into your church to share their hearts about Argentina, you can contact them at

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