The 25 of May

May 25 is just another day for many, but in Argentina it is one of our independence day (yes, we have more than one). Tomorrow is a national holiday here, but we will still have church, and this blog is really more about church tomorrow than about Argentina’s independence.

It happened Sunday night. Our evening service had ended and I was greeting the people who came before they left. A young man came up. He and his family have been coming to the church regularly now. They have also brought others to the church as well. Our midweek service is on Thursday night, which makes it almost impossible for him to come because he has a class he takes on that night. As we chatted before they started walking home, he smiled as he told me that he would be able to come to church on Thursday (which is tomorrow night). “That’s great,” I said, but I didn’t understand why. He told me it was because it is a national holiday (Argentina’s independence) and that his class was canceled.

For many in Argentina, tomorrow will be a day to play soccer, a day to grill asados, and a day to spend with family and friends. I am thankful to see that my friend is going to enjoy tomorrow evening in church, and that he is excited about it! We are a very young church and God is already giving us families who actually want to meet together to worship God and learn more from the Bible! We are praying for more families like this. We have discipleship going on with a few families and hope to start with more in the near future! In other words, these families are also growing.

The 25 of May looks to be another great day at Faith Baptist Church.


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