I have written a few posts about different cities in Argentina.  This time around, I want to take just a moment and focus in on Mendoza. Mendoza is located on the eastern side of the Andes, close to the border of Chile.  The city is 1050km (652 … [Continue reading]

Steak Anyone?

Argentina is known for many different things.  One of the most well known things is beef.  Argentina is regarded as having the best beef in the world (I apologize to my Texas friends reading this).  I have had it and I must say it is wonderful (and … [Continue reading]

September 2014 Missions Letter

From East to West Georgia to California I sit in front of my computer to take down this letter in California (the San Francisco area). This past month we have been in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arizona, and California.  We have traveled well … [Continue reading]