Most people have heard of Buenos Aires.  After all, it is the 20th largest city in the world!  As we are raising support for church planting in Argentina, we are studying the different cities in our mission field.  There are over 20 cities in … [Continue reading]

10 Years Anniversary!

Ten years ago today (June 19th), Leslie and I were married at our church.  I remember it being a hot day.  I remember a friend of mine and I going for an early lunch that day.  Ironically, the wedding and reception went by so quick that I don't … [Continue reading]

Thankful for my Pastor

I wanted to take a post and talk about my Pastor. Derik Lawrence is our Pastor at Victory Baptist Church. Pastor Derik has worked in almost every ministry in Victory Baptist Church. He has now been Pastor for 10 years!  Before that, he was the Youth … [Continue reading]

June Prayer Letter

Learning From Others “You keep working on it” - Pastor Edwards   This is the advice I received while at a church in North Carolina.  That day was Pastor and Mrs. Edwards' 61st anniversary.  We had a great time with them.  When I asked him to give … [Continue reading]