The Summit

This is one of the highlights of the year.  The Summit is an opportunity for you to spend time with missionaries that are reaching around the world!  This would be one of the best things that you can do for your youth group, for your singles in … [Continue reading]

August 2014 Missions Letter

Summer on the Move We have had an incredible month!  Summer is a time where things can slow down, but not for us!  God has blessed us with more eager partnering churches who are dedicated to world evangelism!  It has been a month where we have been … [Continue reading]

Keep Trying

I am impressed by a man who continues to attempt things after failure.  I think that failure is a part of life.  Sadly, many quit when we fail.  This is a horrible mistake.  I don't think a "winner" is someone who "wins" all the time, I think a … [Continue reading]


Formosa is located in the northeast of Argentina.  It is on the banks of the Paraguay River.  Formosa is the capital city of the Formosa Province.  The city, which is just across the river from Paraguay has a culture close to that of Paraguay.  The … [Continue reading]