A Sausage Sandwich

Strange title? I think it is too. Faith Baptist Church is just four weeks old. In these four weeks we have seen many visitors and have already had a few families that are attending regularly (regularly for four weeks). We have started discipleship with a married couple and a also with another man. So, where do we go from here? We are trying to invite more people, and trying to use different promotions to encourage others to come. Our next big event will be a special lunch after the morning church service. We will have “choripan” for all who come to the service. It will be a chance to get to know those who are coming, an opportunity to use this special event to invite others, and an opportunity share the Gospel with many more people. Choripan is a sausage sandwich that is a very popular here. “Chori” is for “Chorizo” and “pan” means “bread”. So “choripan” is sausage-bread or a sausage sandwich. It usually comes with a spread of chimichurri (the most delicious sauce in the world). We are hoping that God will use this to encourage people to go to church.

We have other things coming up through the year. We are very excited to have these opportunities. Whether it is a sausage sandwich, a kids celebration, or a “old fashion” Sunday, we will use every opportunity to preach the truth of God’s Word to anyone who will listen.

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