Quick Update: Friend Day 2019

Today is Friend Day in Argentina. It is a day where we celebrate the friendships we have. I have already received several messages from friends and even received a gift. Tomorrow we will be celebrating friend day in the church, where we will have a guest preacher to preach the morning’s message. Please pray with us that God will use this special day to reach others. The forecast shows that we will have strong thunderstorms but we know it is all in the hands of our God!

Quick Update: Ladies Fellowship

Last night we had two wonderful services! We had our weekly youth service. Two people who have been attending church came for the first time to the youth service. They said they would be back next week! We also had a special ladies fellowship. The ladies all had a great time and were challenged by a lesson brought by one of our own members! Tomorrow we will look forward to learning about the importance of growing spiritually. One of your young men will be leading the music in both services. Another one of our young man will be teaching this week’s memory verse! The Lord is blessing our young church!

July 2019 Missions Letter

Training Men

Our goal as missionaries is that we train men. Part of that training is starting churches, telling others about Jesus and the glorious gospel, and of course discipleship. We were able to see the first portion of fruit from this during the month of June. Two of the men attending the church were able to lead the Sunday morning service in my absence. One of them led the songs in the service and the other one preached. Those who were a part of the service told me how much they enjoyed it and how the Bible message was very helpful! We are thankful to see God work in this way!

In July, we have a few special days. Argentina celebrates friend day on July 20, and we will be celebrating it on the 21st. We have special invitations made and are praying that God gives us many visitors. We will also have a ladies fellowship in July. We are thankful for these special events as we continue to try to reach others. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. 

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


  • Pray for the ladies fellowship this month.
  • Pray for “friend day”. 
  • Pray for our outreach ministry.
  • Pray for our discipleship program. 
  • Pray God works in the hearts of men who are attending and those who are stepping out by faith. 

Quick Update: A Sunday Without Me

Last week was another “first” in our young church’s history. I was out of town and the service was ran by a few of the young men in whom we have had the opportunity to invest. This was a really big day for us because these men are products of the Faith Baptist Church and they are stepping up into leadership! God is at work. I was told by several of the members that the service was fantastic and that the Bible message was a blessing. 


This Sunday, both young men will be serving in the services. We will also have a special fellowship after the evening service. It will be an opportunity to spend time together with members and those who are visiting the church.

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry