Quick Update: Child Dedication 2018

This Sunday is our child dedication service. We are very excited about this day. Sunday is a national holiday here, “Kid’s Day”. We are making this an opportunity to emphasize the importance of raising our children for Jesus. Thus far we have 9 children that will be dedicated to the Lord this Sunday. One family that will be dedicating their little one is from our English classes we have been teaching! We should have a great number of people at this service. Please pray with us that God will work in the hearts of all who attend. This is a huge day for us! Thank you for praying.

Quick Update: Outreach and English Class

This weekend really starts tonight. Tonight we have our Friday night youth service. We already have young people that have told us they are coming! Tomorrow we will have outreach visitation and after visitation we will be hosting English classes. We are not here to teach English, but we are using this in hopes to bring more people into the church that may never enter through the doors otherwise. We had our first class on last Tuesday and had a small group of people and tomorrow we have several who have contacted us and told us they will be attending. Please be praying for these events.

We have a big day coming up this month on August 19. It is “Kid’s Day” here (yes, we have a Kid’s Day just like a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day). Thus far, we have two families who will be dedicating children to the Lord. They will have their families in attendance as well, many of which are lost. Please pray with us about this special day.

August 2018 Missions Letter

Friend Day, Friday Nights, And More

We had a wonderful July! Our friend day was held on July 22. We also continued our Friday night youth nights. The ladies of the church also had a ladies fellowship. We had visitors in each of these different events! We also said goodbye to our intern family who has been with us for the past 6 months. Robert and Emma Becker have served faithfully over these past 6 months, passing out thousands of invitations each month. We will miss them. Please pray for them as they continue in God’s will for their lives.

In August we have major events that we are praying God will use to reach people. On August 07, we start free english classes. We have had many people interested in attending. We will also have child dedication on kids day, August 19. Great opportunities to reach more people!

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry


  • Pray for the free english classes, that people will be saved through them. Classes will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • Pray for our special child dedication service on August 19. 
  • Pray for those attending Faith Baptist Church that they will catch on to the vision and purpose of our church!

Quick Update: Saying Goodbye

This Sunday is unique for us. We have had Robert and Emma Becker with us as interns in Argentina since February. They have jumped in and served since the day they arrived. I am very thankful for them. We hate to see them go, but their 6 month internship has come to an end. This Sunday, Robert will be preaching and Emma will give a testimony during the evening service. After the service we have our monthly fellowship to celebrate all the birthdays and anniversaries from the prior month.

The Beckers will be leaving on Tuesday morning. Pray with us that God will bless this Sunday and continue to guide the Beckers as they prepare for the mission field.