Quick Update: Christmas Time

We hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season! We are enjoying our short furlough as we continue to raise additional support and spend these special days with the family, but we also miss Argentina and Faith Baptist Church in Lanús. The church is continuing on and we will be back in Argentina in just over a month! We still have several meetings with new churches before we leave. Please pray for us as we are in the States and Faith Baptist Church in Argentina.

Christmas on the Mission Field

We are in the Christmas Season and for missionaries on the foreign field this can be a tough time. Christmas means different things to different people. Some people dream of a white Christmas (growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, I have only had one “white Christmas”). Some people look forward to the different family Christmas parties where cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, children, and grandchildren all come together to enjoy food, presents, and passing time together. Some people look forward to a special tradition that has happened every year for as long as they can remember. For some missionaries on the foreign field, these things are very hard. For one, some missionaries are in an area where the “feeling of Christmas” is totally different. In Argentina, Christmas is in the Summer. That means a sweaty, hot Christmas. Hot chocolate is out of the question. Dreaming of a white Christmas is just that, a dream. By far the hardest thing to go through is knowing that you will not see your family. That being said, it can also be a special time for the missionary and his family. I can say as for us, we had a great time during the Christmas season last year in Argentina! It was totally different, with fireworks and summer fun. Even so, others really do have a hard time during this time of year.

This all being true, I encourage you to reach out to the missionaries you support and let them know that you are praying for them and that you love them. Just a small email can really bring encouragement. I am not one to whine about how hard it is on the field, and I have already stated that we loved it, but others are not the same way. This Christmas season, remember and love on your missionaries.

December 2017 Missions Letter

Trusting Jesus and Advancing We are on a quick furlough and will be back in Argentina in January. We look forward to getting back! While we are in the States the church continues on. This month definitely has been the most trying. I received a text … [Continue reading]