Quick Update: Back to Church!!!

Yesterday was a special day! We were able to have our first church service since March 19! While we are still under quarantine, we were able to have a small church service, with many guidelines. Even though we were able to meet, we still had several families who decided to watch the service via Facebook. We are thankful for the opportunity to start back up with “in-person” services.

Pray with us that God continues to work in Faith Baptist Church.

October 2020 Missions Letter

The Ministry in Quarantine

We have been in quarantine for over 6 months now! The devil is attacking, but God is blessing. While some in the Faith Baptist Church have fallen into sin, and others have grown more and more discouraged, others still are growing and taking massive steps forward! There are all kinds of rumors as to when the quarantine will end and will the country will finally open up. As of yet nothing is confirmed. Even so, the ministry continues on. I would like to share two examples to illustrate God’s goodness.

Two young men who were attending the church before the quarantine now are stepping in to serve. I have seen the spiritual growth of both young men during these six months, and they both express the desire to step out more. 

Even though we cannot meet, the church still has bills we have to pay. Obviously, they are much less than normal, but we have to pay them. To make matters worse Argentina is in the beginning of an economic crisis! Many brothers and sisters in the church have faithfully given during these six months. This is a small, but important issue that shows they are taking the responsibility to sustain the church seriously. God is working and we are blessed! 

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the young ladies virtual class.  
  • Pray for more young men to step out and serve.  
  • Pray for our virtual services. 
  • Pray for the Faith Baptist Church.