Adrogué is a city a good 13 kilometers (8 miles) from Lanús, where we will be starting Faith Baptist Church. This city is way too far for us to have any sort of reach for the Gospel. Even so, there is a great need in Adrogué just like there is in each city we have highlighted in this  series of posts about Southern Buenos Aires. Adrogué is much more tranquil, or so I am told. There are songs written about this quaint town. With over 30,000 people living there, I guess Adrogué is larger than a quaint town. The city is known for it’s many cobblestone streets, trees with branches that stretch over the roads, country-style houses, and somewhat of a more laid back lifestyle (in comparison to life in Buenos Aires). Jorge Borges, a famous Argentine writer, wrote about his fond memories of this town…

“Wherever in the world I might sense the smell of Eucalyptus trees, I feel as if I had been taken back to Adrogué. And that is exactly what Adrogué was: a large and quiet maze of streets surrounded by lush trees and country houses, a maze of many peaceful nights that my parents liked to traverse.”

I have never been to Adrogué. Most people I am around don’t speak of the area much. The few that I have heard speak about the city tell me of it’s beauty (with only a few exceptions). Like any city, it also has it’s “bad side of town”. It is not “the place to get away” for the people in Buenos Aires. It is just far enough away from the city to not be disturbed. But with all of this beauty, what could possibly be lacking? Gospel preaching churches, that is what is lacking! Under the lush green trees that hug the city’s streets, behind the doors of country houses, there are people who are in need of the Gospel, and yet a Gospel preaching Baptist church is not located in this city, none that anyone knows about at least. The beauty is only “skin deep”. The need runs much deeper. Pray for Adrogué.

Lomas De Zamora

I arrived here in Argentina almost one year ago. I spent a lot of time in taxis at that time (not having a car made me a regular with the taxis). I wanted to practice Spanish and learn for the drivers. I would ask them about La Plata (where we are) and about other cities in the country. Different men had different opinions, but there were a few consistencies from taxi driver to taxi driver. Here are some…

  • Cordobá is beautiful.
  • Mendoza (at least the surrounding areas of Mendoza) is beautiful.
  • The waterfalls (Iguazú) in the north are amazing.
  • Bariloche is worth the 24 hour drive to get there.
  • Lanús (where the church is being started), Avellaneda, and Lomas de Zamora are “complicated” and “ugly”.

“Complicated” seems to be a common way to say it is dangerous, somewhere you don’t want to be. “Ugly” in this context, seemed to be speaking more about the bad things that go on in those areas. It seems to be that most people don’t want to be in these cities unless they have to be. But as I travel through Lomas de Zamora, I see something altogether different.

Over 111,800 people live in Lomas de Zamora (according to a 2001 census). A friend of mine once told me, “You can know an area is safe if you never hear about that city in the news.” With that in mind, you hear about Lomas de Zamora a fair amount. It seems there is consistently something bad that has happened there. The city is large and also has nice areas with expensive housing as well, most notably in the “Las Lomitas” district. There is even a Starbucks there (they usually don’t put a Starbucks in the “slums”, especially in foreign countries). Obviously there are more dangerous areas as well. Another friend of mine told me that there are a lot of villas in Lomas De Zamora. Villas are “shanty towns” or “slums”. The houses are usually made of tin, wood, or other scrap material. Many of the villas in Argentina are well known for being very dangerous, especially for those who don’t live there. I have been advised by many, don’t go into a villa without someone with you who lives in that villa. This makes planting a church in a villa difficult, seeing that generally only those of that villa are welcome in that villa. These areas are throughout Lomas de Zamora, or so I am told.

The need in Lomas de Zamora is just like everywhere else I have detailed. The central area of Lomas is about 20-25 minutes in a car from Faith Baptist Church. I am told that while there are no Baptist churches, there are two churches that do preach salvation by grace through faith. I am encouraged by that, but I don’t know anything about these churches. I do know however that the need is great. Pray with me for the many people in and around Lomas de Zamora.


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A Tour of the Building

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