Quick Update: A Missionary Guest

Today is another special day in the life of Faith Baptist Church. We will have a Chilean missionary to Ecuador with us this morning! We already support one missionary and hope to be able to support more in the future. Many of our faithful attenders have not met a missionary from Latin America. This will be an encouragement to all. Also one of our young men will be teaching the verse of the week this morning. I am very encouraged to see how God is working in this little church plant!

In the new building, we are continuing to make repairs and finding more things that need repairing. Of course this means more money but we know God will provide. Please pray we will be able to make these repairs soon!

March 2019 Missions Letter

A New Building, Some New Opportunities

In February we were given the keys to the building we are buying. We should close on the building in March. We are now able to be in the building and make repairs. Our first service in the new building is March 03! We will make more repairs as we are able. 

The greatest blessing of February was one of our young men taught the Bible for the first time in front of the church. Matias was able to teach the verse of the week on Sunday morning and Sunday night. He did an incredible job!

In March we have two really big events. We will be starting English classes at the end of the month. This is a great opportunity to invite people to the church who would not normally come. We will also have our annual “Levi’s Banquet”. We are praying for many visitors and to see people saved! We would like to thank BEAMS Bibles for sending us Bibles to give to people who don’t have one. We were able to give out Bibles last month and will be giving more out this month!

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


  • Pray that we are able to make and finish all repairs very soon.
  • Pray for our upcoming Levi’s Banquet, that many attend and God will work in their hearts.
  • Pray for the English classes, that God uses them to save those that are lost who attend.
  • Pray for Faith Baptist Church as we transition to the new building.

Quick Update: The Last Sunday

Tomorrow we will have a men's fellowship over at the new building. We have 12 men so far who have confirmed that they will be there. This will be a great time of fellowship but will also be an opportunity to challenge the men to stand up and stand … [Continue reading]