Quick Update: A Church Building Chosen

After months of searching and well over a month of negotiations, we have chosen a building and agreed upon a price. We will be closing on this building on March 08! This is a wonderful opportunity! The building has room to grow and spaces to start other ministries and classes. Please be praying with us. The building costs $110,000 and we do not yet have all that we need to purchase the building. We are trusting the Lord in this, He will bring it to pass.

This Sunday will be another exciting day at Faith Baptist Church. We will continue our series on proving God in the impossible and continuing our discipleship as well. We are also gearing up for the Vision, a special day (January 27) where we will look at the theme, goals, and opportunities of 2019.

Quick Update: A New Building!

We have been praying and searching for a building. We have searched and we believe the Lord has guided us to the building He wants us to have. We are in talks right now trying to negotiate the price of the building. Please pray with us that we will be able to see this come through. We will need help paying for this building, and we believe God will provide. This is an incredible opportunity for our growing church! Please pray with us!

January 2019 Missions Letter

Baptismal Service & Christmas Service December was one of our greatest months at Faith Baptist Church. We baptized 9 people (two of them were our oldest daughters). We also had a record attendance to date. To top that off we also had a wonderful … [Continue reading]