December 2018 Missions Letter

Baptismal Service & Christmas Service

We were able to have our first mission conference in November. We also had our mission board director, Jeff Bush, down to preach and to help give guidance as we continue here in the ministry. We also had a young lady, Karen, trust Jesus as her Savior just before the start of our midweek service! 

This month we have a baptismal service on December 16. We have over 10 people lined up to be baptized during this service! We will also have a special Christmas service on December 23. These are great opportunities to invite others to special services!

We have an opportunity to buy a building for Faith Baptist Church. It is only 5 blocks from where we are renting. We are praying God supplies what we lack.

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry


  • Pray God provides the remaining funds needed to purchase a building for Faith Baptist Church.
  • Pray for our discipleship program, that we get more individuals involved.
  • Pray for the new families visiting Faith Baptist Church.
  • Pray for the individuals who are visiting the church to be saved!

Searching for a Building

We have been renting a building since we started the church. The rental contract will be coming to a close in the next few months. We are now searching for a building to buy for the church. We have some money saved up for this, we will not have enough to purchase and we are trusting God in this. Pray that God direct us with this opportunity!

Quick Update: Northern Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay

This weekend we are in northern Argentina, southern Brazil, and eastern Paraguay. These three countries meet to make a “triple border”. Faith Baptist Church will have their services as normal. A dear friend and Argentine brother from a sister-church will be preaching in our absence. We look forward to returning on Monday. I am praying that God use my absence to help a couple of guys rise up to help lead. Please pray this way with us.