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In the last blog we emphasized the importance of delegation. This gives opportunity for men to step up and do something for Jesus. As a missionary, I believe that this is very important. It is […]


I arrived in Argentina on March 25, 2016. That was almost two months ago. I am learning the language here in a church in La Plata, about 1 hour away from Buenos Aires. The pastor […]


The Master Plan of Evangelism explains Jesus’ plan to evangelize the world. Jesus’ plan is the best plan, it is not something we can improve upon. We drove to the capital on Monday (Buenos Aires). […]


It must have been amazing to walk with Jesus. His disciples probably learned to find comfort in His presence. There are exceptions to this (Mark 4:38), but most of the time the 12 learned to […]

May 2016 Missions Letter

Setting Up We have now been in Argentina for over a month. We are setting up. We moved into the house we are renting on May 02. We start our language school this month. Things […]


We have briefly looked at the first two chapters of The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman. I am currently reading this book again and I am getting so much out of it! Chapter […]