Quick Update: First Men’s Meeting

We had our first men’s meeting on last Friday night. It was a wonderful time and even though it started with a strong thunderstorm men still came! We even had a first time visitor! This was a huge blessing to us! Sunday was also a very strong day for us with good attendance in the morning and evening services! We have several meetings this week. My wife Leslie will also be starting discipleship with a couple of ladies who are attending the church. God is blessing with each new step!

Quick Update: First Baptism

This Sunday is an exciting day for us! We will have our first baptism service on Sunday morning. We have one man who will be getting baptized and four others who will be observing what baptism is and will be baptized very soon as well! We are expecting several visitors because of the baptism. Please pray with us that God will work in the hearts of each person, who attends. Mariano will be getting baptized, his family should be there as well, along with the other new Christians who have questions about being baptized and will be observing how it is done. We are thankful that God is blessing Faith Baptist Church. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Here Comes The Rain & The Cold

I was an assistant Pastor at a wonderful church (my home church) for around 7 years. I can remember clearly there were different times of the year that brought different challenges. It seemed that the optimal time for growth was the fall (when school … [Continue reading]

May 2018 Missions Letter

First Baptismal Service April was a very busy month in several different areas. For one, we were finally able to find a house to rent and signed the contract at the end of April. This is a huge answer to prayer! Thank you very much for praying! We … [Continue reading]