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We have briefly looked at the first two chapters of The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman. I am currently reading this book again and I am getting so much out of it! Chapter […]

Training Men By Being With Them

Jesus’ plan to advance the Gospel to every person was by men He trained. He selected men and trained them. How did Jesus train them? The Master Plan of Evangelism is a wonderful book that attempts […]

God Uses People

I am re-reading “The Master Plan of Evangelism”. This is my favorite book I have ever read (outside of the Bible). It is an incredible book that really changed my view of ministry. I encourage you, […]

My First Impressions

We have been in La Plata, Argentina for almost two weeks now. This is a beautiful city and unlike any other I have ever seen. For one, it was designed perfectly. Everything is in squares. […]

April 2016 Missions Letter

We are in Argentina!  Great Days are Here, Great Days are Ahead! After two years, we are in Argentina! Two years of deputation has brought us here. We are very excited about being here. We […]

The U.S. Today, Argentina Tomorrow

Deputation is now over. God has blessed our time on deputation. We have seen God move over the past 24 months. We are now saying good bye to our families and friends. God willing, we […]