Last Days in the States

The past days have been hard days. We have said goodbye, and are in the process of saying goodbye to family and friends. I have already been able to enjoy a few “farewell meals” with my family. We have said goodbye to friends and our Pastor in our church as well as friends and mentors in our mission board. We will spend much of the day today finishing up all the packing and saying goodbye to more family. We will start the drive down to Miami first thing in the morning where we will fly out Thursday morning. Lord willing, we will arrive in Argentina on Thursday evening.

Even though these are hard days, they are also exciting days. Faith Baptist Church in Lanús, Argentina is a small, infant church. We will be back with a small core of brothers and sisters in Christ. The church has been continuing in our absence. An Argentine young man from former missionary Jeff Bush’s ministry in La Plata has been preaching. He has done a wonderful job! We will be reunited with the people of Faith as we return. Only God knows the wonderful things we will see in this church over the next years. It all starts in just a few days.

We thank you all for your prayers. Great days are ahead!

Quick Update: Returning Back To Argentina

This evening we will be with our sending church, Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, GA. This will be the last service before we return to Argentina. In just a few days we will be back! We are very excited about it. There will be much to do and we will “hit the ground running”. I believe there are great days ahead. Please pray for us as we finish packing, as we return, for our families as we say “good-bye”, and for Faith Baptist Church in Lanús, Argentina as we go forward for the glory of God!

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