Our Second Sunday

We had a great day on Sunday at Faith Baptist Church. We have now had 5 services! Sunday morning we had 20 people including my family.  For the evening service we had 18 people including my family and a family of 3 that came from the church we were in while in language school. We have had several visiting families and a few families who have come back for more! The gospel of Jesus has been presented in each service. We are praying that God will work in the hearts of those who attend and those who visit and that we will see people saved! What comes next?

  • We continue our English classes. Tonight we will have our fourth class.
  • I start discipleship with a young man who has been attending the church. I am very excited about this time with him.
  • We conclude with a few finishing touches in the building.
  • We have a visit planned for a family who has been coming.
  • We are planning a “grand opening” service on May 21. We will provide a lunch afterwards for all who attend.
  • We will be visiting the families who visited us on Sunday.
  • We will continue to invite anyone and everyone to the church.

Now that we have started it is time to continue the work of inviting, sharing the Gospel, and discipling. Great days are ahead!

Quick Update: The Second Sunday

This Sunday will be the second Sunday of services for Faith Baptist Church. We have been very busy this week with visiting those who have come to the church, inviting others, and completing a few unfinished tasks in the church building. We are excited about the coming days! Today I spent most of the day with two men, one who is attending the church and the other has not yet visited. We hope to see him visit very soon.

The church also had our first midweek service last night. We had 18 people including our family of 5. We had a few returning visitors and a few first time visitors. It was a great first midweek service!

Our second Sunday will be be here very soon. There is still much to do between now and Sunday. I look forward to seeing how God blesses.

And So It Begins…

I sit here in an empty church building as I type out this blog. Two days ago we had the first two services inside this building. We had 15 people from the area come to the morning service and 6 come to the evening service. Although we did not have … [Continue reading]