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Language Learning: Part III

Learning the language is of great importance. In our last post, I overviewed language school. Language school is just one part of learning the language. My days are filled with Spanish. I am listening to, […]

Language Learning: Part II

Learning a language is not done without hours of learning and practice. The ability to communicate fluidly to the people around you is essential in reaching people with the Gospel. How can I explain the […]

July 2016 Missions Letter

A Cold July I grew up in Georgia. Whenever the month of July is brought up, thoughts of the hot sun, pools, vacations, humidity and long summer days flood my mind. This is not how […]

Language Learning: Part I

We have been in Argentina for three months now. In three months we set up and are are in language school. So what is life like for a missionary in language school? My life is […]

The Master and Your Plan

This is the final post on The Master Plan of Evangelism. It has been great for me to re-read this book. I firmly believe we can be used of God to change the world by […]