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February 2016 Missions Letter

In Two Months… In two months we will be leaving for the mission field. We have bought our tickets to fly to Argentina! We have been on deputation for 22 months now. We have seen […]


What is so special about the number 57? Read this blog post further to find out! Yesterday was a big day for us. For one, we said goodbye to friends Ben and Crystal Johnson. They […]

Here Is Some Advice: Trust God

I was sitting in an ordination council. This was in October 2015. A man would be getting ordained in just a few hours. A dear brother and friend gave this counsel, “Our sufficiency is in God. Trust […]

Obelisco de Buenos Aires

If you have ever seen pictures of Buenos Aires, then you have probably seen the Obelisk, or “obelisco” (Spanish). An obelisk is a stone pillar, typically having a square or rectangular cross section and a pyramidal […]

Resolutions for 2016

It is 2016. The dawning of a new year brings with it resolutions. I was reading an article on this subject and the article gave the top 10 new year resolutions people make each new year. They included getting […]