Quick Update: Quarantined

Last Sunday was our annual “Levi’s Banquet”. We had a wonderful service with over 60 people in attendance! We  shared the Gospel with many visitors! We had a fellowship afterwards, the Lord blessed and it was a great day!

Last night we had a wonderful mid-week service. We took a part of the service and dedicated it to what the Bible says about faith and fear. While we were in the service the President of Argentina announced that a mandatory quarantine would begin at midnight. We ended the service only to find out that it would be our last service of the month. The quarantine is enforced by the military police. Everyone must stay in there homes with only a few exceptions. As I publish this update, I am sitting on our couch at our home. I would usually be at our weekly Friday night youth night. Our services will be broadcasted online on Sunday. We are also sending out daily messages to our people. This is not exactly what we hoped for, but because of the threat of the Coronavirus it is the way we must do ministry for the rest of the month. Please be praying for Argentina and Faith Baptist Church. This is a great opportunity for us to show our faith to those who are living in fear.

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