January 2020 Missions Letter

A New Year Comes With New Goals

We had a wonderful December and Christmas season. We had new discipleship classes started as well as others that completed our primary classes. We also had two new converts baptized! We had several first-time visitors throughout the month and we had a special Christmas Sunday that also was a big success. We ended the year with one last special service where we looked back on an incredible 2019 and prayed that God will use and build us in 2020. 

January will start out with our Vision Sunday. It will be a chance to go over the goals for this year. We will give out calendars with all the events for 2020, unveil the theme for the year, and challenge the church to step out and step up for Jesus. January and February are both Summer months in Argentina and for us that means Vacation Bible School. Each Saturday in January we will be putting on special classes for ages 5 – 15. These classes will focus on salvation and a very basic Bible lessons. We will also have games and provide a small lunch. We are praying that God will use this year’s Vacation Bible School to see more people saved! 

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our Vision service.
  • Pray for our Vacation Bible School.
  • Pray for our seminary and for more men to surrender.
  • Pray for each of the young believers who are currently going through discipleship.

Quick Update: Empanada Night

We had incredible Christmas Services last Sunday with a record-high attendance in the church! This Sunday will be our last services of the year. On Sunday morning we will be having our normal morning service. We will end the year with a special service on Sunday night where we will take a look back on how God has worked in our church. After the service we will have a fellowship with empanadas. This will be a great way to end 2019.

This has been a great year in the ministry God has given us. We are anticipating great days ahead in 2020. God is blessing and we are thankful to be a part of it all.

Quick Update: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

This Sunday will be our big service for the month! We are anticipating a great day! We have passed out hundreds and hundreds of invitations, we have published announcements on social media about the special services, we have sent letters to everyone who has visited our church in 2019, and we have reached out to many more. We will have special Christmas hymns, a Christmas photo booth, a special gift for every family, and of course a Bible message about Jesus’ birth with a presentation of the Gospel! After each of the two services we will have a special fellowship with Christmas treats. Please pray for us as we finish all the preparations for this special Sunday.

Quick Update: More Baptisms

This Sunday will be another special Sunday. Ricardo and Clara will be getting baptized! Ricardo put his faith in Jesus a few months back during a discipleship class. He has recently completed our discipleship. Pray for his family, they are not saved. His daughter has attended the past two Sunday night services! His wife and son have yet to attend but we are praying they will soon, that they will hear the Gospel and be saved!

Clara is over 70 years old. She lives across the street from the church. She believed on Jesus a couple of months ago as well after attending a few of our services. She is being discipled by one of our church members. Her husband has attended church a few times but is not saved. Several of her grandchildren (adults with children) and great grandchildren have attended as well. We are praying for their salvation too!

We are excited to have the opportunity to baptize the new believers and look forward to see how God uses them in the days to come!