A Review of the Summit

The OG Summit took place a few weeks ago. The Summit is a three day event that was held at Lake Lanier Islands in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA. I enjoyed it very much this year as I do every year I attend. Here are just a few takeaways…

  • The Preaching: It was some of the best preaching and teaching I have heard at a conference. There were¬†many messages, some 2 minutes long, some 10, some 15, and some 20 minutes. I never felt like it was “overkill”. Each message was powerful and clear. The preachers ranged in age and experience in the ministry. There were younger guys studying to be preachers and there were veteran men who have been preaching for multiple decades and of course many in between.
  • The Emphasis: There is no doubt what the emphasis is at the Summit. Missions/world evangelism is the theme. Each message, each skit, each session, everything revolved around this subject. The challenge was made clear to each attender. Be a missionary. Surrender to take the Gospel to other places around the world.
  • The Sessions: The sessions covered specific countries around the world as well as how to make a strong missions program in your church. There were sessions taught by veteran missionaries, missionary wives, pastors, and laymen. I was personally challenged by the sessions that I attended.
  • The Results: By the end of the Summit, we had several people who signed the missionary pledge, a pledge to change their “default setting” from “stay” to “go”, in other words, instead of saying “I will go if God calls me.”, “I am going, but I will stay if God calls me to stay.” We are thankful to see how God worked in their hearts.

The Summit is one of the great highlights of the year. I will be back in Argentina in just a little over a week. I am thankful God allowed me to be a part of the Summit. We are starting to branch out and hold the Summit in other locations. This gives the opportunity for others to go that live too far from Atlanta to be able to attend. More information will be released about the next Summit. It may be held in a city near you very soon.

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