Can Fear and Faith Coexist?

The question is, “Can Fear and Faith Coexist?”  The answer I would have told you a few years ago was yes, but now I must say NO.  Fear and faith cannot coexist.  One will overtake the other!  Now, I can say this all day but what God brought to me was a principle out of their Word.

Matthew 14:22-33

The disciples saw Jesus walking on the water (there is a lot more back story to this, but this is where I will start), and they became scared.  Jesus assured them that it was Him.  When Jesus did that, Peter said (in my own words), “If it’s you, bid me to come out to you.”  Jesus told Peter to come out and Peter began walking on the water.  Everything was great!  Peter’s eyes were on Jesus and he (Peter) was doing what no other man (outside of Jesus) has ever done before, or since!  But, then comes 14:30, which tells us that Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and focused on the waves and wind.  The Bible very clearly says in that verse that Peter became “afraid.”  At that moment, Peter was sinking.

I would love to tell you that fear is natural and goes along with faith.  While fear is natural, it does not go along with faith, but destroys it!  As I am living by faith, fears will come, but my eyes must stay on Jesus.  Only when we take our eyes of Jesus and focus on our fears, do we sink (on a completely different note, 14:31 makes clear that Jesus quickly pulled Peter back up.  This was only done after Peter cried out for Jesus to save him).

So, fear and faith cannot coexist.  I hope this helps others as it has helped me!  God has been so good to me to bring this story to my remembrance and apply it to what was going on in my life.  Bottom line:  Living by faith means we must keep our eyes on Jesus.

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