July 2018 Missions Letter

Father’s Day and Friday Nights

We were very blessed to have a special Father’s Day. We have one special event each month that we push as a big day with special invitations, gifts, etc. Father’s Day was a big push. We gave hammers to every father present. We had 6 fathers present (including myself and another missionary)! We also started a youth night on Friday nights. We are praying that God uses these special services to give us young men to train for the ministry! Please pray this way with us. 

We have a several special days in July. We will have another ladies fellowship on July 14. The ladies really enjoyed the last one and look forward this fellowship. We will also have Friend Day. Friend Day is actually a day celebrated annually in Argentina. We will really push this day to invite others in hopes to see more people saved. God is working in our young church!

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry


  • Pray for our special Friend Day service. 
  • Pray for the ladies fellowship in July.
  • Pray for our discipleship program.
  • Pray for those attending Faith Baptist Church that they will catch on to the vision and purpose of our church!

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