June 2020 Missions Letter

Quarantined But Serving

May was spent in quarantine. We were not able to have any services in the church, but we continued with our online services. We also started our weekly Friday night youth night via Zoom. This is not at all what we anticipated for 2020, but it is where we are and we are making the most of it. Our online presence has increased and we are able to reach others who have never been to our church. We have gained faithful “viewers” who are growing in their faith! We also have been continuing with the Bible College. We meet virtually twice a week to go over various books we are reading. The two young men are also essential parts of each online service. 

We have been in quarantine since March 20, it has been extended every two weeks.  Some parts of Argentina have more freedom, but it is still strict in and around Buenos Aires (where 1/3 of the population of Argentina lives). Even so, we now have the opportunity to meet with people one on one, which we are using to be able to have discipleship. We hope the quarantine will be lifted in June and we can start meeting as a church.  

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Matías and Brian as they continue studying, preparing, and serving in the church.
  • Pray for the members and regular attenders of Faith Baptist Church.
  • Pray for the discipleship meetings during the quarantine. 

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