Most people have heard of Buenos Aires.  After all, it is the 20th largest city in the world!  As we are raising support for church planting in Argentina, we are studying the different cities in our mission field.  There are over 20 cities in Argentina with a population over 200,000 people.  Some of these cities have churches in them, some we are having trouble even finding a church.  I will be giving a small synopsis of several of these cities over the next few weeks.  For this post, we will look at #18, Lanús.

Lanús is located just south of the capital city, Buenos Aires.  It is in the greater metropolitan area.  Lanús has a population of 212,000 people.  The “partido” of Lanús (the greater district) has a population of over 450,000 people!  This area is known for their futbol team, Club Atlético Lanús.

I wanted to know what the spiritual situation is in Lanús, so I emailed a friend who is a national pastor in La Plata (Argentina).  I asked him what he knew about Lanús.  This is what he told me…

Hello Brother, it is ironic that you asked about Lanús, because last week I was talking to a brother, a young man from our church and he asked me, Pastor please pray for Lanús I have family there, and there are no churches like ours, and I have many acquaintances.  

As our Argentine friends and I pray for the people in Lanús, would you pray with us?  I believe God desires His name to be known and magnified there.

Please pray for Lanús.


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