Looking for Houses

We are in search for a house. The way things normally work here in Argentina is that a rental contract for a house is 2 years. That is actually law, if need be there are ways around it, but it is the norm. Our 2 year rental contract is coming to an end and so we must look for another house to rent, one much closer to the church. I am told that because of the economy, people are hesitant to rent their homes. We are looking for houses in a beautiful area called “AdroguĂ©”. We are praying God will open the doors to rent a house by the end of March. From there we will go through the rental process and hopefully be in the house relatively quickly.

This is not the “fun and exciting” part of life as a missionary, but it is a necessary and an important part of our lives. In the midst of all of this we are blessed to be able to serve in the church. We have special days coming up this month. We will be starting a new series on this Thursday night. We had a young man come to the church for the first time on Sunday night and he told me he looks forward to Thursday night and next Sunday night. So searching for a house is not the only thing going on!

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