October 2018 Missions Letter

From Family Photos to Mother’s Day

September was a wonderful month with many visitors who attended Faith Baptist Church. We have been hosting English classes which has brought several families. We are praying for each of these families to be saved! We are also discipling a new family as a result of the English class. We had our family photo day in September which brought a number of visitors into the church as well. This was an exciting service!

In October our big day is Mother’s Day (yes, in Argentina we celebrate Mother’s Day in October). We are preparing for a big day. Please pray for good weather and a great attendance! We also have two other big days in October to try and draw more people, including a ladies fellowship and a English graduation service. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry


  • Pray for our discipleship program, that we get more individuals involved.
  • Pray for the new families visiting Faith Baptist Church.
  • Pray for our Mother’s Day service, our ladies fellowship, and the special graduation service.
  • Pray for the individuals who are visiting the church to be saved!

In July, Robert and Emma Becker completed a six month internship with us in Argentina. They studied, learned, served, and on the mission field. They are now on deputation to come back to Argentina as church planting missionaries. They are scheduling meetings now. If you are interested in having Robert and Emma into your church to share their hearts about Argentina, you can contact them at rnbmissions@gmail.com.

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