Quick Update: 101 Days in Quarantine

Yesterday was our 100th day in quarantine. On Friday the President announced that the quarantine will be extended until July 17 and that the quarantine will be more strict. We are not sure, but from what we understand this will stop us from being able to have our prayer and encouragement time on Wednesday with some of the youth. Even so, we are pressing forward the best we can.

Pray for Matías.

Matías is one of the guys training for the ministry. He has really gone through some tough times these past few months. Last week his father was forced to leave the house because of some accusations made against him. Matías is trying to keep the family together. His father seems to be in some trouble. The great news is that Matías was able to lead him to Jesus! Of course this is a huge blessing, but if the accusations are proven true, his father will be in jail for a long time. He is denying the accusations, but no one really knows for sure. Matías is 25 years old and doing the best he can to lead his family as the “man” of the house. He is very discouraged. We ask that you pray for him and his family.

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