Quick Update: A Quarantine Anniversary

Today is a special day. It is day 92 in quarantine, but that is not what makes it so special. 16 years ago today I married the most amazing person I know. Outside of my salvation, marrying Leslie has been the greatest blessing and privilege I have ever had. 16 years and 4 children later, we are more in love than ever. It is a privilege to serve God with her. She is an example to our daughters as well as to the ladies in our church. Although we celebrate this anniversary in quarantine, we get to celebrate it together.

Tonight we will have our weekly youth meeting via Zoom. This Sunday is Father’s Day. We will have our special online service. On Wednesday I am able to meet with a few of the youth in the church. We are pushing forward as we are able to during these strange times. Thank you for praying for us.

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