Quick Update: Another Baby?

We have had several big events going on this year. We started Faith Baptist Church in Lanús, Buenos Aires this year. After two years of deputation and one year here in Argentina learning the language, Faith Baptist Church has been “born” and is pressing forward! This year also has another wonderful event for our family. Leslie and I will be having our fourth child! We are grateful to God for this addition to our family. This is another child to raise and train in the ways of our Lord. We are already praying for her salvation and that God will use her for His glory!

We had 20 people in our midweek service last night. We have seen a few families who have come back to services. This Sunday we are providing a small breakfast (coffee and cookies) to those who come early before the 11:00 AM service. This will be a time where we can get to know each other more as well as have people ready for the service before it actually starts.

These are great days with Faith Baptist Church started and a baby coming! God is so good to us! We are blessed to serve Him as a family!

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