Quick Update: New Opportunities

One of the great things about serving Jesus is witnessing Jesus work in the lives of others. We have two young men who were attending the church before the quarantine. Neither of the two were very faithful. God has worked in their hearts during the quarantine. I am able to talk with them 2-3 times per week and I am watching God work in them. Both are becoming faithful. Both are growing, both want to serve Jesus! I am watching both step out and serve, even during these time when we cannot have services. While some are discouraged, others are growing in Jesus! Please pray all those who we have been able to have an influence in their lives. I believe Satan is attacking and I believe God is working!

The Quarantine

We are still in quarantine, there are all kinds of rumors ranging from the country opening up in October to perhaps the first part of 2021. In quarantine or out, we are continuing to serve Jesus!

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