Quick Update: Preparing to Organize

We are in the midst of cleaning and repairing things in the new church building. It seems like every step we take forward, we take two steps back. There are several things we have to do and of course it will take a lot of money. Please pray with us that God will supply the funds to complete these repairs.

On Sunday morning, we will continue our series on marriage. This has been a blessing and we are praying that God will use each message to strengthen the marriages in Faith Baptist Church. This Sunday will also be the first service for one of our young men to teach a Bible verse to our church. This is a huge step in his growth as God continues to work in him. We will be practicing this special lesson tonight before the youth meeting!

Sunday night, will be the first of many services to prepare the families attending Faith Baptist Church for our organizing service (which will take place in a few months). There are a lot of things that must be discussed. Please pray for these first of many services that will help build these believers to become a united body of believers.

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