Quick Update: Quarantine and Closed Borders

I have many missionary friends in countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. I only know of two of them who are able to have services. While it seems that the United States is starting to open back up, we are still continuing in the quarantine. We are still not able to meet. All of our services are on online. Our classes for the Bible College are online as well. The quarantine has been extended four times, each times for two more weeks. As for now, it should end on May 24, but with the numbers of new cases increasing every day, there is a strong chance of it being extended again. Argentina has also stopped all flights, domestic and international until September 1st, hopefully that is not an indication of how long the quarantine will last.

Please pray for the ministry in Argentina, the men who have surrendered their lives to the ministry and are preparing, and the men who are on the cusp of surrendering. Please also pray for the King family and the Underwood family who are stuck in the United States.

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