Quick Update: Salvation and Training

Over the 10 days or so we have had the opportunity to lead 3 people to Jesus! A little over a week ago we had the opportunity to sit down with a neighbor of the church named Clara. Clara is 71 years old. She trusted Jesus as her Savior that day and is going to be baptized soon! Last Wednesday we started discipleship with a man who trusted Jesus as Savior during that lesson! On Sunday morning we had a young lady respond during the invitation. We spoke with her about salvation and she believed on Jesus as well! The Lord is at work in our church!

We currently have two young men studying in our Bible College to be in the ministry. Both young men are also serving in the services of the church. We are praying for 3 more young men to surrender their lives to Jesus to be in the ministry and start training by the end of this year. Please pray with us.

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