Quick Update: The Quarantine Continues

I type this blog post from my home where I have been since March 20. We are under a national quarantine. Only one person per family is allowed to leave and that is only to got to a local store or pharmacy. The military police are out and stopping people to confirm where they live and where they are going. Over 8,000 people have been arrested during this quarantine for breaking the quarantine rules.

Although we are not allowed to hold services that does not stop us from filming are three services per week and sharing devotional thoughts each day. We are also in contact with members and faithful attenders of our church during the week. Two of the young men training for the ministry are a part of each filmed service and are reaching out to the church family as well.

At the posting of this update, the quarantine is scheduled to end on Wednesday, but the news is reporting that President Fernandez will be extending the quarantine, but nothing is official yet. Thank you for praying for us.

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