Quick Update: Training Men

Today we had our Vacation Bible School. The kids are learning more about the Gospel. Next Saturday will be the final day of VBS. Pray with us that God works in the heart of each child. Tomorrow will be another special day in our church. One of the guys who are training for the ministry will be teaching the verse of the week. We have practiced it several times. I am excited for him. He has done it a couple of times before and I think he is improving! The other young man who is training will be teaching “the three”, an emphasis on a county in the southern zone of Buenos Aires, a province (or a state) in Argentina, and a country in the world. We do this each service to focus on the need around us, around Argentina, and around the world. Both men are serving in the church as they train for the ministry!

We are looking forward to another great day at Faith Baptist Church!

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