Quick Update: A Video of the Gospel

The quarantine continues and so does the ministry. We have our normal services this weekend, beginning with our Friday night youth service via Zoom. Thank you for praying for the ministry God is building. God is continuing to bless. I share with you a great example.

A few weeks ago I had permission (from the government) to visit families in the church. Leslie and I went to almost every family with homemade goodies to a time to encourage and pray with them. We stopped by Leandro’s house. Leandro is a young Christian who is growing and wants to share his faith! He received us into his home and was grateful we stopped by. During the time together, he expressed to me that he wanted to make a video explaining the Gospel to his friends. It would be a way that they might sit down and listen to him. He asked me that when he completes the video, that I would look at it and give him advice. Yesterday he finished the video and sent it to me this morning. The video is 1 hour 15 minutes long! I had the privilege to listen to him go from verse to verse to explain who Jesus is, our spiritual state without Jesus, what Jesus did for us, and how to be saved.

This is such an encouragement to see the desire and the effort that Leandro has. Even though we are not able to have any type of services where we can meet, Christians like Leandro are serving Jesus! Pray that God uses Leandro to further His Kingdom as well as others in the church.


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