Recommending Jeffrey Bush

This time of year is known as “mission conference season” to missionaries. We have found that many churches have their annual mission conference in September-November or March-April. Whether you host your mission conference in the fall, the early spring, or another time of the year, I recommend that you have in Jeffrey Bush as the keynote speaker. I have been in many mission conferences across the United States. I have heard many great keynote speakers that encouraged and challenged each church member and missionary present. I believe Jeffrey Bush is at the top of that list. Allow me to explain why I believe this…

  • Jefferey Bush was a successful missionary. Jeffrey was a missionary in Argentina. He started 5 churches that are still going and are led by nationals. He knows what missions is, he can explain it, he knows the need and he has seen God work in his ministry.
  • Jeffrey Bush has been around the world helping other missionaries in their ministry. Jeffrey has assisted missionaries in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, the United Kingdom, Nepal, China, South Africa, and many other countries around the world. He knows about the different challenges that missionaries face in their specific part of the world.
  • Jefferey Bush can preach the Bible. I was at a church where the pastor told me that most missionaries just “can’t preach”. He meant by that statement that many missionaries are not “dynamic enough” to challenge the church people. Sadly this is not an uncommon opinion (I would like to challenge such a thought, but this is not the post for that). I can tell you confidently that Jeffrey preaches Bible messages that will stir your hearts and challenge everyone. He is not boring. What he preaches is engaging and biblical.
  • Jeffery Bush genuinely cares about people. I have heard incredible messages by dynamic preachers. My heart has been stirred. I have wanted to meet them and talk with them, but sometimes it is hard to meet them, or if I did get to meet them, it was a quick handshake. Jefferey will get to know people in your church, talking with them before and after the services.

There is much more that could be said about Jefferey Bush. Whether you are having a mission conference or a mission emphasis Sunday, Jeffery would be ideal as the guest preacher.

Jeffrey Bush is always scheduling meetings with churches and christian schools and he is also assisting missionaries on the foreign field throughout the year. The best way to contact him would be by email at:

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