The Summit in Atlanta Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow kicks off one of our biggest events of the year. The 2017 Summit in Atlanta officially starts tomorrow afternoon at Lake Lanier Islands. I will be teaching a session entitled, “Unashamed to start churches in Buenos Aires” and I will be preaching during one of the services. Missionaries from around the world will also be preaching and teaching sessions. We will have missionaries who serve in Egypt, South Africa, Japan, China, and of course Argentina. We will also have missionaries who will teach and preach who will be serving in Indonesia, India, Ecuador, China, Myanmar, Bosnia, Colombia, Bolivia, Turkey, and many more. We will have sessions just for women as well as sessions just for men. There will be specific sessions about implementing missions inside your church. Each session will be a blessing. We will also have services packed with insightful biblical preaching along with skits and spiritually uplifting music. This is sure to be an incredible Summit! Please pray that God will work in the hearts of those who are attending, including my heart!

With only 3 weeks until we return to Argentina, this is one of the highlights of the remainder of our time! The great news is that the Summit will also be in Boston in just a week later, but that is for another post, one that will be published shortly. Until then, thank you for praying with us over the Summit in Atlanta.

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