Quick Update: Father’s Day 2019

We are excited about Father’s Day at Faith Baptist Chuch in Lanús, Argentina. We have made special invitations that we have been passing out the past few weeks. We have a special gift for every father present. Of course the emphasis will be on our Heavenly Father and how we can become one of His children! Please pray for this special service with us!

We have several who are going through weekly discipleship, several who are going through some tough times, and others who are struggling with deciding to follow Jesus. Some are stepping out to do more for Jesus, others seem to be on the cusp. Pray with us as God works in the hearts of each person.

June 2019 Missions Letter

Church Growth and Big Days

We organized the Faith Baptist Church on May 12. Our pastor came down and preached the service. We had record attendance that day! God is blessing the church. We also had another special day in May where we had several visitors. 

This month we have more special days. We will have our english class graduation which will take place during one of our morning services. We will also have a special Father’s Day service. We have printed out special invitations for Father’s Day and are passing them out around the community. We are believing God for a wonderful day! 

This month one of our men that is training for the ministry will be preaching for the first time. He has preached small, 5 minute messages, but this will be the first time he will preach the message for the service. Pray with us that God bless in each service this month..

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


  • Pray we see more people saved, baptized, and discipled. 
  • Pray for our special Father’s Day service.
  • Pray for the other discipleship efforts of Faith Baptist Church. 
  • Pray for young men to rise up and surrender as preachers. 

Quick Update: English Class Graduation 2019

Tomorrow we will finish the last English Class for the season. We have had several people visit the church as a result of the classes. We will have another chance to preach the Gospel at the end of the class. We have shared Bible verses about salvation each week and are grateful for another opportunity to share the Gospel with those in attendance.

This Sunday we will be having the English Class graduation during the morning service. So far we have 5 students who will be attending and tomorrow we should have more commitments. They will be receiving certificates for completing the classes. This will be a great opportunity to explain the Gospel again. Pray with us that God will use His Word to touch the hearts of the students who attend.

Quick Update: Special Visitors

This Sunday will be an exciting Sunday at Faith Baptist Church. We will have Pastor Shane Hill and Missionary Raleigh Hill with us for the evening service. Missionary Raleigh Hill is on his survey trip to one of the cities in the Patagonia. Pastor Hill will be preaching during the evening service and Missionary Raleigh Hill will be giving his testimony.

We have the opportunity to hear about the need in other parts of Argentina. We look forward to the testimony and message from the Hill brothers.