Quick Update: Salvation and Training

Over the 10 days or so we have had the opportunity to lead 3 people to Jesus! A little over a week ago we had the opportunity to sit down with a neighbor of the church named Clara. Clara is 71 years old. She trusted Jesus as her Savior that day and is going to be baptized soon! Last Wednesday we started discipleship with a man who trusted Jesus as Savior during that lesson! On Sunday morning we had a young lady respond during the invitation. We spoke with her about salvation and she believed on Jesus as well! The Lord is at work in our church!

We currently have two young men studying in our Bible College to be in the ministry. Both young men are also serving in the services of the church. We are praying for 3 more young men to surrender their lives to Jesus to be in the ministry and start training by the end of this year. Please pray with us.

September 2019 Missions Letter

Seminary, Kids Day, and More

We are blessed to be able to progress in the ministry. In August, we had a large carnival to celebrate Kid’s Day (an actual celebrated day here in Argentina). It was a big event and we had many visitors! We also started the official first semester of our small seminary in August. These classes are just for those who are serious about serving the Lord in the ministry. Pray with us that God continues to bless in this new ministry. Our Mission Director, Jeffrey Bush came down and spent a week with us. He was able to teach a class in the seminary, preach in our church services, and advise us as the ministry grows! We also saw a young man saved who has been attending the church for well over a year now! 

In September, we will have a Family Conference. This will be the first of its kind in our church. Please pray the Lord bless. We are also praying for 4 more young men to surrender to serve the Lord in the ministry by the end of 2019. A few men seem close, pray with us! The Lord is blessing and we are very grateful!

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, Ivy, and Isla Henry 


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for men to surrender in our church to be in the ministry.
  • Pray for our family conference. 
  • Pray for the seminary as we continue forward.

Quick Update: Special Services with Missions Director

We are honored to have our missions director, Jeffrey Bush, with us this week. He was able to preach in our midweek service last night and will be preaching in both services on Sunday. He was also able to teach in our newly founded seminary! It has been very encouraging and helpful to receive counsel from Brother Jeffrey. He has been a blessing to everyone.
The Lord is blessing and we are so grateful!

Quick Update: Kids Day and Carnival

Today was an incredible day. We had a carnival to celebrate Kid’s Day (it is an actual celebrated day in Argentina). The day started out with a thunderstorm but after a few hours the storm passed. We had several families visit the church and we are praying that many return tomorrow! We also saw our church rise up and help serve in all of the different booths we had, setting up, cooking, and taking everything down to prepare for the services tomorrow. Our partners in the ministry, the Jason King family, worked very hard to make this event a success, and also help recruit all those who took part in this event to make it a success! It was a great day for everyone involved!

Tomorrow we will celebrate Kid’s Day in the morning service. We will be focusing in on what the Bible says about raising children. In the evening service we will be studying a few principles in the life of Solomon. Thank you for praying for us.