December 2016 Missions Letter

Finishing The Year Strong

2016 has been an incredible year for us full of changes and progress. Those are two words I could use to describe this year for our family. Change in the way that we are in another country, another continent and even in the other hemisphere! Change in that life and culture are very different. Change in that we are in a new language. Through this change God has proved Himself in us as we have seen much progress. When we arrived in Argentina, Pastor Jorge drove us to our temporary apartment. He says that the 2+ hour drive was spent with us trying to communicate in hand signs with each other. Since that day, I have preached multiple times, I am teaching a 2 1/2 hour long class for 4 Tuesday nights, and we converse for hours daily in Spanish. Progress in that we have completed language school and are still learning. Progress, meaning we are still on the road to fluency. With changes we are adapting and seeing great progress.

Plans For 2017

We are very excited to see how God continues to bless as we enter 2017. We still have much to learn, but are at the place where we can move further into ministry in Argentina. We are so excited for the future! The days ahead are filled with the hopes and dreams of years past that will soon begin to be realized.

Serving Together,

Patrick, Leslie, Lily, Piper, and Ivy Henry

Teaching In Spanish

I am in the midst of teaching a class at the Bible College here in La Plata, Argentina. It is a 4 week class (1 night per week), and last night we just completed the third of the four. The class is 2 1/2 hours long. Obviously it is all in Spanish. This has really stretched me and I think it is going pretty well. Last night we had a visitor (from the United States) with us. He taught much of the class and I did the translating. This was my first time translating and I think it went well (albeit not perfect). Through this class I have learned a valuable lesson.

People have grace. I know I don’t speak perfectly. The students in the class know that as well and have had grace as I have attempted to communicate the truth. They correct me (I asked them to do so), they respond with facial expressions letting me know that they understand and that I am saying things correctly. They laugh with me at my mistakes and allow me to move forward in the lesson. People see that we are trying and have grace as we struggle to speak correctly.

We have one more week to go before the class ends and summer break starts. One of the students actually asked if we could continue the class for a 5th week. I think they are really learning from the class and enjoying it. There is still much to learn but we are at a place where we are able to move forward.

Great days are ahead. I believe firmly that the harvest field here is wide open and God desires to make Himself known to men and women across this country. We are honored to have a small part in it.


The Summit 2016

We have been in Argentina for almost eight months. We love it here. I have been asked a few times what I miss most in the states. Obviously we miss family and friends. Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I am sure we will miss the traditions we have … [Continue reading]