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A Beautiful Picture

I have attached a photo in this post. If you look closely you will see things on the pulpit (above the balloons). Those “things” are what makes this a beautiful picture. I had the opportunity […]

Language Learning: Part VII

I am not a “professional” at language acquisition, neither do I have the “language learning gene”. I struggle along in the language I am learning, making many mistakes as I go. But I believe that […]

Watch “Light in the Darkness”

I am interrupting our current blog series on language learning for something that has just been made public. A few years ago Vision Baptist Missions published a documentary called “Light in the Darkness”. I have […]

Language Learning: Part VI

One of the greatest advantages we have to where and how we are learning the language is that we get to be an active part of a great church in La Plata, Argentina. Lighthouse Baptist […]

August 2016 Missions Letter

Great Advances in Spanish We have been in language school for two months now. We have learned many different rules, exceptions to rules, tenses, moods, and the like but more than that we have had […]

Language Learning: Part V

Learning the rules of a language and learning the language are not the same. The rules are important, but learning to communicate is far more important. This series on language learning is not just something […]