Looking for Houses

We are in search for a house. The way things normally work here in Argentina is that a rental contract for a house is 2 years. That is actually law, if need be there are ways around it, but it is the norm. Our 2 year rental contract is coming to an … [Continue reading]

March 2018 Missions Letter

Special Days Ahead In February we had a very special day in our church. We had the Vision, a time to explain the purpose of our young church. We also had a very special time of planning for the year where our core group came together to share ideas … [Continue reading]

Paraguay Revisited: Ciudad Del Este

We were in Paraguay two weeks ago. Last week’s post was about Asunción. This week’s post is about the other city we visited, Ciudad Del Este. Ciudad Del Este is on the border of Brazil and Argentina. It is less than 30 minutes from the Iguazú Falls, … [Continue reading]

Quick Update: Engage

This Sunday we will be learning how to engage those around us with the Gospel. Our goal is to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). The first step is engaging, or witnessing to others about Jesus. There are some who come to our church who I don't think … [Continue reading]