Paraguay Revisited: Asunción

Last week we were able to go to Paraguay for a short survey trip. Missionary Jason King and I along with two interns, Stephen Carrier (completing his internship in Chile) and Robert Becker (a new intern with us) were in two cities, Asunción and … [Continue reading]

Quick Update: The Vision

This Sunday is a big Sunday at Faith Baptist Church (okay, so I guess every Sunday is a big Sunday). We have "the Vision" this Sunday. This is an opportunity to explain the vision for the year, the theme for the year, and discuss how we look to … [Continue reading]

Quick Update: Residency!

Obtaining residency has taken a lot longer than I had hoped (that is somewhat of a theme on the mission field), but we have finally received it. What does this mean? I have been asked about this several times. I can remember reading mission prayer … [Continue reading]

Growing in Faith

This year is looking to be a wonderful year at Faith Baptist Church. We are a very small church, with a few families, but these families have great desires to grow, to grow personally, and to grow as a church. We will be having a special meeting … [Continue reading]